Anstey Junior SchoolAim High No Limits



Monday 4th March 2019

Due Monday 11th March


Standard Level 


These seem to always cause difficulties as there are so many different amounts to learn. We will be doing problems with measures over the next few weeks.

Read pgs 62-65


Reinforcing (White book)

Number and Place Value

Decimals and Rounding

Pages 11-13


Legends p64 and 65 (White book)

Help in red book P76 and 77



Advanced Level


pgs 56 and 57

Also as an additional study: Area of triangles and paralellograms

Pg 60-63


Reinforcing (White book)

Challenge yourself to answer the questions on pg 58 and 59


Monday 11th March 2019

Due Monday 18th March


Standard Level 

Perimeter and Area:

We will be visiting these areas of maths in the next month or so.  It is worth getting a head start on learning and recap previous work.

Pgs 66-71


Reinforcing (White book) LEGENDS too

pgs 56,57,58 and 59





Advanced Level

Similar Shapes

Linked to ratio.

pg 46 and 57


Reinforcing (White book)

Pg 42 and 43

Monday 18th March 2019

Due Monday 25th March


Standard Level 

Pre read the section on Angles and 2D Shapes as we will be studying this in the next few weeks.



Reinforcing (White book) 

Practice test 2 Page 80


Legends - P62 and 63 White book - Volume



Advanced Level

The pre reading will be the same for the next 2 weeks as it is a large section.

Pgs 68-75


Reinforcing (White book)

Practice test 2 Page 84