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Autumn Term 2 Spellings

Spelling Homework 5.11.18

Create a rap that you can recite to learn your spelling words. Note - they all end in -tious, so you may be able to use this.

Make sure you know what each word means and use it correctly in context.

Raps should be around 30-50 words.

They can be silly, but you need to remember them off by heart!

Spelling Homework - 12.11.18 (Due 19.11.18)

Spelling task – Find and cut out a picture from a newspaper, magazine or the internet. Write different captions (as you would see in newspaper) for the picture, using each of your spelling words. Write one caption for each spelling word; they must make sense! All captions can be based on the same picture, or you can choose more than one picture. Captions should be one sentence in length.