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Spring Term Spellings

Spelling Homework 5.11.18

Create a rap that you can recite to learn your spelling words. Note - they all end in -tious, so you may be able to use this.

Make sure you know what each word means and use it correctly in context.

Raps should be around 30-50 words.

They can be silly, but you need to remember them off by heart!

Spelling Homework - 12.11.18 (Due 19.11.18)

Spelling task – Find and cut out a picture from a newspaper, magazine or the internet. Write different captions (as you would see in newspaper) for the picture, using each of your spelling words. Write one caption for each spelling word; they must make sense! All captions can be based on the same picture, or you can choose more than one picture. Captions should be one sentence in length.

Spelling homework 19.11.18 (Due 26.11.18)

Divide your words into their syllables and write them out - make sure you do so neatly! Do you notice any patterns with the syllables? Which word has the most/ least syllables?

Spelling 26.11.18 (Due 03.12.18): Find the definition of the root word of each of your spellings – You should use a dictionary where necessary. Write down the definition in your pink spelling book. Now look at the spelling of the root word compared to its spelling when the suffix (able) is added. Can you see a spelling rule when adding the suffix to the root word? What is it? How is the challenge word different to all the other words in this respect?

Spelling Homework - 03.12.18 (Due 10.12.18)


At school our current writing topic is poetry. With this in mind, this week's homework is to use your spelling words to write a rhyming poem. Your spelling word doesn't need to be the last word on the line (as some of them are hard to rhyme) but you must include all of them. If there are any words that you aren't sure on the meaning, use a dictionary. Poems must make sense!


Challenge - Can you do your poem in Limerick format? (8-10 Syllables on lines 1, 2 and 5 and 5-6 syllables on lines 3 and 4. 1,2 and 5 rhyme and 3 and 4 have a different rhyme). 


You can split spelling words over more than one poem, or write them all in the same one.


Spelling Homework (Week beginning 8th January)

Test: Friday 11th January   Homework due: Monday 14th January 


Draw a cartoon/stickman image that shows the difference between the meaning of the homophones.


Image result for homophone cartoon

PAG Homework- WC 14.01.19 (Due 21.09.18)

PAG Homework is, until SATS, going to replace spelling homework. In your WHITE PAG book (blue trim) complete pages 31-34 on Standard English and Formality. The answers are at the back of the book so check as you go. Tell your teacher ASAP if you struggle.