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Hooke Court

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Hooke Court for their residential trip. They took part in lots of activities, including: 


Longboat designing, building and sailing 

Experiencing a Viking 'wedding' ritual 

Listening to a Viking saga around the campfire 

Anglo-Saxon and Viking cooking 

Wattle and daub (Saxon building) 

Writing in Runes

A battle re-enactment
Night Search and Rescue (solving clues to a missing person's case, at night, in the dark!) 
Team-building games 

Not to mention their day-to-day experiences such as breakfast, lunch and dinner with their friends, free time in their dorm rooms, and generally experiencing being away from home, some for the first time ever! We are so proud of the Year 5s for how excellent and mature their behaviour was and how well they coped with the new experiences. 


Enjoy some of the photos below!