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Monday 12th July

English - Poetry

We have been learning about Poetry recently. Below is a powerpoint with the poem 'The Store Full of Magical Things'.

Use the structure of the poem to imagine that you have entered the shop. How would you describe the items? What items would you say the shop sells? There is a word bank to help you. 

Task: Create your own version of 'The Store Full of Magical Things' poem.

Challenge: Perform your poem 


Maths - Measurement Assessment

Over the next 4 days we will be completing our learning for the year on measures. Please complete the assessment to help us understand which areas you may need some extra support in. 

Science - Digestion

Have a think about what happens when you take a bite of food, or have a sip of your drink. What happens to that food and drink? Close your eyes and try and imagine what is going on inside your body as it happens. You might even have a nibble of something to help you imagine!

Task: Draw around yourself (or create a small - scale outline of yourself on some paper) and try to draw what you think your digestive system looks like. Annotate your diagram with what you think happens to your food at the different parts. 

When you have done that, the links below will give you some information so you can see how close your predictions were!