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Spring Term Spellings

Spring 2 Spellings

PAG Homework - 18.03.19 (Due 25.03.19)


White book homework task this week is on determiners and prepositions. Please complete pages 6-7 (Determiners) and pages 16-17 (Prepositions). As always, ensure that you mark answers using the mark scheme at the back of the book and by all means use your blue PAG book to help you. Let your teacher know if you're struggling BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!

SPAG Homework - 25.03.19 (Due 01.04.19)


SATS is fast approaching so this weeks SPAG homework is some mixed practice in our white books (Pages 18-21). Make sure you mark your work; let your teacher about any specific areas that you struggled with.

SPAG Homework 01.04.19 (Due first day back after in summer term - 23.04.19)

Almost three weeks for this one due to Easter holidays. Therefore there is more of it - don't panic though it works out as no more than a normal week! With SATS in mind (three weeks after Easter) we are going to complete the final three 'mixed practice sections in white PAG books over the next three weeks. These are:

P 35 - 37

P 56 - 59 and

P 76 - 79

They can be completed in any order. MAKE SURE YOU MARK YOUR ANSWERS. If you leave your answers unmarked it will be considered that you have not done the work. The whole purpose of PAG homework is to improve our knowledge - something that is impossible without recognising our mistakes. Have a great Easter everyone and thank-you for all your hard work.

Revision GAME:


Just a little SPAG game we have used in school. A great tool for revision. Feel free to use if you wish this weekend! Good luck all, the school is immensely proud of every single one of you!