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Thursday 15th July

English - using prepositions

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Maths: Days, Years, Months

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Maths Questions

PE: Sports Day Practise


Today would have been our Sports Day, don't worry, we are planning for it to happen next Tuesday! The whole school flat race has also been rearranged for next week, so if you won the trial for your house, you will still get to compete. 
Whilst it isn't possible to do a complete practise of Sports Day at home, there are some activities to choose from that can help you prepare!

Please remember to get permission from a grown up before completing these, and please stay safe!


4 minutes per activity:


- Target practise: Throw socks or another similar item into a hoop or at a set target. How many times can you hit it in 4 minutes?

- Obstacle course: How many times can you complete it in 4 minutes?

- Egg and Spoon Race: How many lengths of the room can you do in 4 minutes without dropping the egg?

- Skipping or star jumps - how many can you do in 4 minutes?

- Shuttle runs: how many lengths can you complete in 4 minutes?