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What Year 5 have been up to! 



Today, Year 5 have been looking at the Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo burial. They thoroughly enjoyed determining which Anglo-Saxon king may have been buried there and examining evidence to support their opinions. 

Here's the link to all of the artefacts found in the burial for all our budding historians! 

And the link to the video we watched... 


Enjoy researching :)

5B Belonging Rap

Still image for this video
In Year 5 today, we have been doing an 'RE Day' about Belonging. We explored what it feels like to belong, and different groups we belong to. We applied this to the Muslim prayer ritual which helps people in this faith family feel like they belong.

The most fun part of the day was creating our very own 'Belonging Rap'! The children came up with the lyrics themselves and they all made fantastic contributions. Here's the final product!

We are the children of Anstey School
We are cool cause we all rule

We like to help
We like to care
We’re together, friends forever
Never give up, you’re nearly there

We are the children of Year group 5
We work hard and strive so that we can thrive

We’re all a team to chase our dream
Belonging always fills you with glee
If we all make friends, we’ll get through anything
You’ll belong to something eventually

We are the children of Class 5B
We guarantee to belong in harmony


Yesterday, we celebrated National Poetry Day in 5B by looking at examples of poems and discussing the features. We have since had lots of children working on some lovely poems at home and even one written by a team of poets :) 

Here are a few examples! Well done to all of the children that have given it a go.