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Lunch Menus

Hot Dinners:






The full plate service is the standard for all HC3S primary school meals, allowing each child to select a main item from the menu, which automatically comes accompanied by vegetables, carbohydrate and a dessert (fruit is always a dessert option). From October 2021, there are 3 main meal choices each day, 2 from the main menu and 1 from the jacket potato menu.

Hampshire menus adhere to the nutritional standards that came into effect from September 2008 and each child will have the opportunity to have at least two portions from a selection of vegetables, salad and fruit with their meal. Hampshire continues to offer additional bread as a free extra to their meals and water is available throughout the lunch period.

Hot Dinners cost £2.50 per meal (£2.60 from April 2022) and these can be paid for via the Scopay online payment system. If you have not set up a Scopay account, please contact the school office for a link code.