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As a school we believe that our broad curriculum should be bursting with opportunities and experiences for our children, as well as opening doors to new interests and developing new skills. As such, in addition to our music curriculum, over the last 3 years we have enabled every pupil to learn a musical instrument with Hampshire Music Service whilst they are in year 4. We are very pleased that children have enjoyed this opportunity and some have chosen to continue lessons into years 5 and 6. We now have a mini orchestra of woodwind and brass players!


We believe that learning a new skill like playing a musical instrument builds confidence and self esteem, especially when the children are given the opportunity to perform to an audience. We are so proud of the resilience they develop and demonstrate through this experience and for embracing it with enthusiasm and gusto!


Hampshire Music Service have acknowledged our commitment to providing this opportunity for every child, along with extra opportunities to collaborate with secondary schools for performances. Therefore, they nominated us for a Music Mark Award. We are very pleased to announce that we have been successfully awarded this prestigious award.

Beyond the Beat

All pupils in Year 4 will join the Hampshire music programme 'Beyond the Beat' and will be provided with a hire instrument to practice.

The Beyond the beat programme provides an exciting mix of instrument lessons and band experiences. It is resourced with high quality music for both the learning in lessons and the ensembles, with on-line access including full backing tracks so children can practice effectively at home.

Children will be learning in a fun and engaging environment through Beyond the Beat, exploring a range of exciting musical styles with their friends and peers.


The wide ranging benefits of learning an instrument have been scientifically proven. Numerous research projects demonstrate music's impact on many vital classroom skills, improving the quality of group work, listening skills, organisation, fine motor skills and cognition to mention a few. Research has also recognised that there is a very real connection with improved performance in other subject areas.


Pupils can continue to learn their chosen instrument (at a cost) in Year 5 and 6.



The whole school take part in singing assembly every Wednesday in the school hall.  



Children can learn an instrument and join a band by taking part in iRock during the school day (at a cost). 


Please use the links below or contact the school office for further information.