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Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning?


All children will have the opportunity to work in our fabulous school grounds. Activities will vary from year group and will be linked the current topic being studied.


Research shows that people benefit from outdoor learning in all areas of life. Outdoor Learning provides a highly effective way of addressing some of society’s key challenges:

  • At a global level: fostering a connection that leads to respect and care for the natural world, an appreciation of biodiversity and sustainability, and pro-environmental behaviours.
  • At the societal level: developing a sense of place leading to greater engagement with the community and an appreciation of the opportunities available to live, learn and work in the local area.
  • At the interpersonal level: providing a safe and supportive setting to enhance social skills, appreciate and value difference. Encouraging loving and meaningful relationships across generations that foster tolerance, respect and kindness.
  • At the intrapersonal level: engagement with nature and the environment for health, wellbeing and nature connection, leading to lifelong participation and outdoor competence. Developing character, resilience, positive risk taking.


Our outdoor learning specialist is Mrs Campbell