Anstey Junior SchoolAim High No Limits


Uniform Information

Our uniform consists of:

  • White shirt / blouse
  • Black of Grey school trousers / skirt
  • Green jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White or grey socks
  • Brown / grey or black shoes
  • For safety it is important that children wear sensible shoes for school. Girls should have low heels; a good indication of suitability is whether or not they are comfortable for running in.
  • In the summer the children have the added option of wearing tailored shorts or green and white gingham dresses. PE kit and equipment
  • Trainers for apparatus work / outdoor games.
  • Black shorts
  • A plain T-shirt (these are available in house team colours)
  • PE kits should be kept in a small bag
  • In winter, tracksuit bottoms and a plain sweatshirt can be worn
  • Children should have a change of shoes for PE and trainers should not be worn all day. Girls wearing tights in winter should bring a pair of socks to wear with trainers during PE
  • All children are advised to bring a small bottle of water to be kept in the classroom.


Art can be a messy part of the school curriculum and in order to keep your child’s uniform paint free we recommend that each child has an adult’s old shirt or long sleeved top that can be used as an art-shirt.


Coats and outer garments are not part of the school uniform and are therefore chosen by you and your child. It is important that your child has a warm coat / waterproof in the winter and when going on school trips or swimming.


Click the links above which will take you to the MYCLOTHING or  Brigade web page, where you can order uniform.