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Pupil Wellbeing

Welcome to our Pupil Wellbeing page. 


Mental health and wellbeing is extremely important to us at Anstey. We aim to promote positive mental health for every member of our school community including staff and pupils. We pursue this aim through both whole-school approaches within the curriculum and school environment, and specific, targeted interventions aimed at vulnerable pupils. Our mental health and wellbeing policy aims to aid consistency in the approach and equality of provision for our pupils.

In addition to promoting positive mental health, we strive to recognise and respond to mental ill health. In an average classroom, five out of thirty children are likely to be suffering with a mental health issue. It is evident that mental health conditions have become more common among children and young people; there has been a 60% rise in probable mental health conditions in children aged 6-16 since 2017. By developing and implementing practical, relevant and effective mental health policies and procedures, we can provide and safe and secure environment for our pupils to be open about their mental health and wellbeing and therefore seek help if necessary.

Targeting mental health and wellbeing in the primary school years is key – 50% of all mental health issues start by the age of 14. Therefore, it is our duty as education providers to ensure our mental health provision is thorough for our pupils at Anstey to identify and prevent these issues at an early stage.


Please remember that we are here to help, please contact us via the school office if you have any worries or would like to discuss anything further.


Our Pupil Wellbeing team work together with our SENDCo and Deputy Head, Miss Colbert and the whole Anstey team to provide different kinds of emotional and pastoral support to children and families in school. 

Family Support Worker - Mrs Dorans

Nurture Group - Mrs Franklin-Ferrar and Mrs Dorans

ELSA - Ms Windsor-Grundy 

Senior Mental Health Lead - Mrs Morgan 



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