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Nurture Group

What is nurture group?

At Anstey Junior School we understand the importance of secure attachments and the impact that early developmental experiences have upon children. Nurture Groups were first set up in the 1970s in London and have been well researched and evaluated ever since. As a result of ongoing assessments within our school we are aware that some children are not able to achieve as well as they might due to a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. These difficulties can be better overcome within a smaller, nurturing environment with key adults. It is for this reason that we continue to run a Nurture Group at Anstey Junior School.


Our Nurture Group works on understanding children’s learning, and their ‘readiness’ to learn, developmentally:   all children will meet developmental milestones at different rates. For some children, one or more of these milestones may not have been met due to a lack of opportunity, a traumatic event or a specific difficulty. The Nurture Group classroom offers a safe base where nurture is valued for the development of self esteem and positive relationships, it also understands the importance of transition in children’s lives and helps them to develop the social and emotional language needed to communicate effectively.  Nurture Group provides children with the opportunity to experience the things that are needed to meet their developmental milestones by providing opportunities that may have been missed in the child’s earlier life within a specialised, structured environment that allows them to locate themselves as distinct individuals and in relation to other people. Without the ability to understand and regulate their emotions and behaviours children will not be able to form appropriate, positive relationships with others. Nor will they be able to make a positive contribution to school life and the wider community or enjoy their own achievements and skills.




The Nurture Group helps to promote inclusion at Anstey Junior School and support children in developing their social, emotional and mental health.


It is designed to maximise pupils’ ability to engage fully with learning in the classroom - socially, emotionally and academically.


Who will be selected for nurture group?

Children are selected through consultation between class teachers, the SENDCo and other relevant members of staff. The Boxall Profile assessment materials are used to inform selection of pupils and to identify their specific needs.


Our aims:

  • Enable children to enjoy their experiences at school.
  • Provide an environment where children feel valued, safe and secure.
  • Provide a highly structured environment where routines do not change without prior warning. Emphasis is placed on following the rules and being rewarded for doing so.
  • Allow children to develop their relationships with staff and other pupils through observation and positive experiences.
  • Provide practical learning activities and time to spend on role play, talking and caring for the needs of each other.
  • Build children’s self esteem through experiencing success at their level and within longer time frames.
  • Encourage self motivation through increasing confidence and being praised for their small step achievements.
  • Allow further opportunities for parents to be involved with school activities.


The Nurture team are Mrs Franklin and Mrs Dorans