Anstey Junior SchoolAim High No Limits




At Anstey, we aim to inspire and develop children’s curiosity of the world in which they live. Through a rich geography curriculum, children will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the key human and physical features of the local area in which they live, the UK and the wider world. Teaching will focus on developing key knowledge and skills relating to fieldwork and mapping skills. It will also focus upon key human and physical

They will gain a deeper understanding of how people’s lives are affected by the location in which they live and learn to make connections between previous learning. We aim to give children experience of a range of diverse societies and, so that they can begin to understand their own identity and place in the world; understanding both their similarities and differences to those in other locations.


In line with the National Curriculum, we have adopted a generally case study based approach to the study of the world, whilst also exploring geographical themes, and different world features such as mountains and rivers. With a focus on first-hand experience, children’s’ learning will be supported through many enrichment opportunities, including a range of trips, specialist visitors and fieldwork both within and outside of the school grounds, which aim to inspire children and develop their curiosity. All topics will have a clear progression of geographical skills and include key concepts. Each topic will also focus on developing an understanding of mapping skills, using atlases and globes to see where locations are in relation to each other.