Anstey Junior SchoolAim High No Limits



At Anstey, we aim to nurture and develop our children to be well-rounded citizens of their local, wider and global communities. Through an in-depth PSHE curriculum, which promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children, they will gain an understanding of both their own identity and themselves as a citizen. Teaching will focus on developing pupils’ ability to discuss issues that concern them and the people around them. They will have the opportunity to share their own opinions and show respect for opinions of others.


Through extensive work on identity, pupils will develop an understanding of what makes someone unique and how this is reflected in our school community and the wider community. They will explore different cultures and role models within these to provide an inspiration of people they can look up to. We aim to give children experience of a range of diverse societies within the trips and experiences we provide at Anstey, so this gives pupils a context to apply their understanding.


We value mental health and wellbeing at Anstey and for pupils to learn, it is vital for them to have coping strategies to promote their own wellbeing and resources to use to support them. Work on emotional awareness will develop this, which is present and progressive within the curriculum of each year group. This, in turn, intends to promote positive self-esteem, body image and confidence in communication.  


To be successful in the community, a thorough economic education will ensure that our pupils can become independent. Children have the opportunity to explore money at Anstey, discovering how to be responsible and exploring ways of managing spending.


At Anstey, we aim to be a healthy school that promotes both regular physical exercise and healthy eating. Children will explore the ways we can promote positive physical hygiene. In line with the National Curriculum, the teaching of Relationship and Sex Education is incorporated into the PSHE progression at Anstey. Children will learn the aspects of this at an age-appropriate rate, with suitable vocabulary which supports their confidence in talking about sensitive issues responsibly. Through the general climate we promote at Anstey, we aim for children to feel comfortable talking to any member of staff and this is something we advocate for through our engaging PSHE curriculum.