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Year 6

Shakespeare Rocks Whole school song words

Year 6 Information evening - November 2019


CGP revision guides - 2.12.19

G, P and S - determiners                               Blue book p.5                   White book questions p.6 and 7 

Maths – multiplying fractions                        Red book  p.38                 White book questions p.32


CGP revision guides - 25.11.19

G, P and S - apostrophes for possession      Blue book p.33                 White book questions p.42 

Maths – comparing fractions                         Red book  p.40 and 41    White book questions p.33 and 34


CGP revision guides - 18.11.19

G, P and S - inverted commas      Blue book p.36 and 37   White book questions p.44 and 45 

Maths – comparing fractions        Red book  p.36 and 37    White book questions p.30 and 31

Year 6 Topic Information Autumn 2019

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