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The Governing Body of Anstey Junior School plays a crucial role in the life and work our school. It is made up of volunteers, including parents, from the local and wider community, plus the Headteacher  and a member of staff.  Governors work with the Headteacher and other staff to set a strategic direction for the school, ensure accountability and financial integrity.

It is important to note that Governors do not manage the school; it is the Headteacher who makes the day-to-day decisions about the running of the school. 


The Governing Body is responsible for setting the school's ethos, agreeing the budget, ensuring the welfare of the children, overseeing the curriculum and setting annual targets for both the school and Headteacher's performance.  Governors undertake their roles and responsibilities through committees that meet regularly throughout the year. The committee structure at Anstey Junior School is as follows:

  • Full Governing Body- which meets 5 times per year
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Finance and Resources 
  • Pay

Depending upon the school's priorities for improvement, we have 'lead governors’ who undertake specific monitoring roles in such areas as: Safeguarding, Gender Differences (attainment), Pupil Premium, Parental Engagement, Reading.  Governors also undertake ' learning walks' in which a group of governors will undertake a visit to the school with a specific focus.  This enables governors to see how policies work in practice.  
Through our many meetings and visits our aim is to provide support and challenge and to hold the school to account.  As Governors this means that we also have the responsibility to act in a certain way and this is outlined in our Code of Conduct.