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Street Art

Banksy Street Art

Summer 2024 Year 6

By Warwick and Maddie


Banksy is the nickname of a current, famous street artist who has kept his identity secret! How can that be? He cuts stencils of his designs so he can spray paint the design onto walls in the dead of night really quickly and leave before anyone spots him! Some of his subjects are serious such as war and some are funny. His Girl with Balloon makes us think about holding onto your heart so you don’t lose it due to something bad.

Banksy feels that art should comfort those who are upset and challenge those who are maybe complacent. Sometimes he donates the millions that his works sell for to worthy causes, such as  NHS charities.


We experimented with the colours, blending and font styles of graffiti and designed our own throw ups: curved lettering to represent a warm and bubbly personality, unique nicknames just for us, extra details to represent our interests and colours that contrasted. We practised creating gradients using a mix of media: coloured pencils, oil pastels, watercolours and felt tips. We then used stencils of our throw ups to spray our designs onto our playground wall. 


The final piece looks really valued and cared for. 

We hope this pop of colour on a previously blank wall inspires other people to make art and express what’s important to them.