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Art and Design

Art and Design Rationale

At Anstey, we support each child’s own creative expression while they learn to treat others with respect and understanding.  Our art and design curriculum fulfils this through fun and challenge. We demonstrate techniques and allow plenty of opportunity for children to experiment with a wide range of skills including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles, sculpture and digital. Through these media, they explore pattern, texture, colour, line, tone space and form developing increased control and creativity as they progress. They analyse work of artists, craft makers, designers and architects from diverse times and cultures to appreciate the vast variety of reasons and ways art is created. Children’s sketchbooks record this rich exploration during each art journey, allowing them to review and select ideas leading to the creation of their own unique final piece.

Skills are developed in the classroom and enriched further in our inspiring grounds, through trips to galleries and during artist visits. While enjoying creating for its own sake, children also start to experience the pleasure of sharing their art with a wider audience through school and community events. Discussion about their own pieces and those of others helps them to develop their own style. Through challenging tasks and building of resilience, our Anstey Artists will be confident to use art both to express what is important to them and for their own wellbeing and enjoyment.